Small Batch - Selvedge Field Cap


lightweight, salmon-line selvedge denim, with sewn eyelets, gold top-stitching, and selvedge details on the back seam. other fine features include a goatskin padding at the front of the sweatband, hand-stamped label, and premium cotton seam tape.

short, canvas-stiffened peak can be worn down or flipped up. i only had enough of this salmon-line selvedge to make 6 caps for sale, so it truly is a very small batch.

please note - on this first batch of Field Caps, i've decided to offer a shrink-to-fit sizing, as ultimately this denim will look and feel best after a good soak. that means that if you order your correct size, the cap will be a touch large at first. to achieve a perfect fit, simply soak your cap in cool water for about 5-10 minutes, then put the cap on your head before it is fully dry. it will feel pretty snug at first but will stretch out to fit your head. it's a little extra work on the front end, but I think the small effort is more than worthwhile for a beautiful, perfectly-fitting cap!

style: 6-panel ball cap
color: indigo
shell: cotton
lining: none
inner band: cotton
peak: heavy canvas stiffener, denim exterior