Hanky - Selvedge Wabash Stripe


wabash stripe is a classic american workwear pattern printed on indigo-dyed fabric using either a resist or discharge method. this particular cloth is a selvedge Japanese cotton printed using the discharge method, which is to say that the fabric is woven with solid indigo yarns then printed with an acidic discharge ink that removes the dye in the dotted stripe pattern. i've taken the liberty to distress and stonewash this batch to soften them up considerably and give them a beautiful, well-worn look. the result is like having a piece of your favorite old flannel shirt in your back pocket. with a fabric weight of just over 5 oz., these hankies are a tad thicker than previous ones I've done.

part of my Small Batch Sunday series, these distressed Japanese cotton hankies feature discharge printed wabash stripes on indigo with red line selvedge along one edge. stone washed and distressed for softness. each piece is individually distressed, and therefore unique. carries well in the back pocket of your trousers.

* please note that this fabric is dyed with natural indigo dye. even though these are heavily distressed and washed and much of the dye has already been washed out, some color transfer may occur with contact with lighter clothing.


17" x 17"