Camper - Hunter's Orange


you don't have to be a hunter to enjoy this bright orange waxed cotton Camper cap. it features camouflage on the underside of the peak, as well as a camo cotton twill sweatband. like the other Camper caps i've done in the past, these are unlined, mostly unstructured caps. they're meant to be worn on any kind of outdoor adventure. the canvas-stiffened peak is incredibly malleable, allowing it to take nearly any shape. roll it up and stuff it in your pocket, no problem. flip up the peak to expose the camo underside. The 8.25 oz waxed cotton is weather-resistant and super durable. i have a cap out of this same weight canvas that has seen its fair share of abuse over the last 6 years, and only looks better because of it.

please take note of size below. all sale items are sold as-is and are non-returnable.

SIZE: SMALL (7 - 7 1/8)
style: 6-panel ball cap
color: hunter's orange/camouflage
shell: waxed cotton
lining: none
inner band: cotton
peak: canvas stiffener, waxed cotton exterior