Due to the current coronavirus pandemic that is affecting all of us, I have shifted a lot of my production over to cloth face masks to help meet the demand. Per the CDC, cloth face masks are primarily intended to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the transmission from asymptomatic carriers to unexposed people. I make all the masks myself in my isolated home studio. Although studies do not seem to be conclusive yet, everything I have read seems to indicate that the likelihood of transmission via goods ordered online is incredibly small. Still, I am trying my best to be careful, including observing all CDC social-distancing guidelines, wearing a mask whenever in public (which is rare these days), and getting tested for COVID-19 from time to time.

The design of my masks is intended to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. I use 2 layers of high-quality, tightly-woven cotton materials, which have been shown to effectively reduce the transmission of virus-sized particles. The shape is intended to hug the contours of your face, giving adequate coverage to feel protected. I've added a flexible nose wire to increase the fit around the bridge of the nose. My standard size fits most adults. If you are interested in an XL size or kids sizes, please send me an email: studio@otisjames.com.

I encourage anyone ordering a face mask to wash the mask before your first wear, as well as between each wear when social distancing cannot be maintained. Wash your hands after handling packaging materials. This is all in the spirit of being as careful as possible, given the ease with which this virus seems to spread. These masks are not medical-grade, and as such, they are not guaranteed to prevent the wearer from contracting or spreading any disease. They are not meant as a replacement for social distancing. However, given the recommendations by the CDC and other health organizations around the world, as well as various studies I have read, I do believe that quality face masks do offer some protection and are therefore a valuable tool in the slowing of the spread of COVID-19. I'm taking this virus very seriously, so I have put a lot of thought and energy into making and offering the best face mask I can. I welcome any and all feedback I can get, so please feel free to reach out.

We're all in this together!