Hanky - Selvedge Shirting Stripe


maybe your great-grandfather wore a shirt that looked like this back in the 20's. maybe when it started to get worn out your great-grandmother salvaged what she could and made a couple handkerchiefs from the old shirt. maybe he kept one in his jacket pocket. your great-grandfather wouldn't have worn selvage Japanese cotton like this. he would have had American textiles, of course, but who knows, maybe this modern Japanese cotton was woven on the same loom as his shirt's cotton. (the Japanese wisely bought up a bunch of old sewing machines and looms when the textile industry abandoned American manufacturing at the end of the last century.) maybe this stripe design was even taken from one of your great-grandfather's shirts. maybe, maybe not.

part of my Small Batch Sunday series, these fine Japanese cotton hankies feature gold and blue stripes on white. gold + blue selvedge along one edge. washed for softness. perfect for blowing your nose, wiping mustard off your face, or drying your lover's tears. carries well in the back pocket of your trousers or inside a jacket.


17" x 17"